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I hope this works!!

I hope this works!!.


We need receivers real bad, but we also need someone to throw it to them.  What will Bradford do?  Is his inexperience be a hinderance or will it be pliable and moldable so the Fisher can work with hin the way he sets up his offense.  The good thing is Fisher is a run guy, so Bradford better sharpen his skills on the toss



What do you think about the Rams new coaching staff and Front Office?

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

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Summer Stars '10: Jeff Fisher

Summer Stars '10: Jeff Fisher (Photo credit: Cedim News)

I am so excited to have Jeff Fisher, although a read a blog regarding his love for Randy Moss. This scares me a bit. Here’s some articles we can discuss. Let’s get this going!! I think this will be fn!!! GO RAMS

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